Wish List

Fort Bend Habitat for Humanity is in great need of the items listed below. Here are several ways you can help:

  • Directly donate an item
    You can purchase an item(s) from the supplier of your choice for delivery to Fort Bend Habitat for Humanity, or if you have a used item in good working condition, please drop by our offices during normal operating hours.
  • Let us purchase an item for you using one of these options:
    1. Telephone us at (281) 403-0708 with your payment information
    2. Print our donation form, indicate the item you wish to be purchased, and mail with a check to our office
    3. Make a donation online by visiting our secure online donations page and selecting “Wish List Item” in the Donation Purpose pull-down menu. Please list the specific item(s) you wish to donate in the Additional Notes box

Wish List


  • Appliances
    Less than 5 years old, clean and in 100% working order.
  • Cabinets
    In complete units. They must have doors, shelving, display racks, etc.
  • Doors
    If they are in good condition only. They must not have holes, cracks, rot or be broken.
  • Electrical
    Electrical parts, wire, plugs, plates, and hardware associated with electrical wiring.
  • Flooring Material
    Carpeting, if it is new only. Usable quantities of vinyl flooring, tile, ceramics or porcelain used tiles.
  • Furniture
    In decent condition. No tears, water damage or peeling.
  • Hardware
    For doors, cabinets, etc. Door lock sets, etc. Almost all types if it is not rusty. Please bring locks for keys.
  • Lighting
    All light fixtures in working condition. No ballasts with PCB’s.
  • Lumber
    Full and ½ sheets of plywood. We accept full lengths of lumber. We will accept trim in smaller pieces, but not less than 4 feet long. Please, no rot or nails sticking out of lumber.
  • Mirror/Glass
    No broken, cracked mirrors or glass will be accepted. No unframed glass/mirrors will be accepted. Only framed mirrors/glass please.
  • Paint
    FULL containers of latex paint purchased from a paint store! We cannot take toxic, hazardous substances (i.e. pesticides, powders, paint thinners, or other chemicals)
  • Plumbing
    Tubs, sinks, commodes and vanities if they are in good condition and clean.
  • Roofing Material
    All types of roofing material such as rolled roofing material, tar, metal roofing, bundles of new shingles. We also accept roofing gutter/canale materials that are in full pieces and are not rusty, bent or damaged.


  • Table saw on cart [$299]
    We need a good quality table saw to use on the construction site.
  • Milwakee 18V Rechargeable Batteries [$80]
    We use drills and other tools onsite that require these batteries which wear out with extend use.


  • Industrial Shelving [$3-5000]
    We need industrial pallet style shelving to use to display products in the ReStore.
  • Large/Industrial Fans [$500]
    We need large/industrial fans to help cool the warehouse sales floor of the ReStore .


  • Electrician
    We are in need of an electrician to install exterior lighting, warehouse lighting and fix ballasts in florescent lights in ReStore
  • Landscaper [$100-$1,500]
    We like to at least minimally landscape our new homes.

 Office Needs

  • Computer, monitor and network system [$700-$1,500]
    A new or good condition computer and monitor with Windows XP or later and a mechanism to network with our other computers for use in the office.