Community Service

Thank you for choosing Fort Bend Habitat for Humanity (FBHFH) to fulfill your Court Ordered/Lawyer Recommended Community Service responsibility. We are happy to help you fulfill your committed hours and look forward to working with you.

FBHFH reserves the right to deny ANY individual in need of court ordered/lawyer recommended community service hours the ability to volunteer with the organization based on the nature, type, and/or specifics of their offense. FBHFH will not be a party before the specific Court which orders the service, there is no jurisdiction over the organization, and the Courts cannot order FBHFH to allow an individual to volunteer with our organization. Individuals will be judged solely by their offense(s) and not by any other means, including, but not limited to: age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

FBHFH wants this volunteer experience to be rewarding. In so doing, there are certain guidelines we maintain as a way to stay organized and ensure a positive working relationship.

The following guidelines must be met:

Written Documentation: You must provide FBHFH with a copy of your court order. In the event no court order is available a letter from your attorney with the following details: hours required, court ordering the service and deadline, will be accepted.

Forms: You must complete and sign our Volunteer Waiver. If you are 16 or 17 years old you must have a parent/guardian also sign your waiver.

Provide Identification: Please bring a state-issued photo ID, driver’s license or a valid school issued photo ID with you of which a photocopy will be taken.

Schedule Community Service Opportunities: All community service opportunities can be found by calling our Volunteer Services Director at (281) 403-0708 extension 305. You must call in advance for the days you would like to volunteer. Please allow yourself plenty of time to complete your required hours before your court due date. We have limited space and want all of our volunteers to have a meaningful experience when they volunteer with FBHFH. With this in mind, if you just show up at the ReStore or affiliate office, without scheduling in advance, you will be asked to leave.


Sign In on the Office/Work-Site Sign-in Sheet: Aside from tracking your hours personally and having them signed by a staff member, we ask that all of our volunteers sign in & out on our general volunteer sign-in sheet. Both the office and our construction site have a sign in sheet for volunteers to use when they arrive.

Record Your Hours: You are responsible for tracking your hours. If the organization you are doing community service for does not provide you with a sheet to record your hours, you will be required to use a FBHFH community service timesheet to record the date, the time you arrive, the time you leave, and a staff signature.

FBHFH will not accept a volunteer for community service credit who is “being charged, pleading guilty to or having been found guilty of certain serious offenses.” Examples of unacceptable and acceptable offenses are:

Acceptable Offenses Unacceptable Offenses
Minor Traffic Violations Minor Drug Violations Burglary Kidnapping
Contempt of Court Alcohol Violations Theft Arson
Perjury Drug Possession Robbery/Armed Robbery Sexual Abuse/ Assault
Child Support Truancy Assault/Aggravated Assault Rape
License, Tag and Registration Violations Violation of Probation (only for offenses we accept) Battery Drug Sale Offenses


Fulfilling community service hours with FBHFH is a privilege and this privilege may be revoked at any time if the staff feels the volunteer is not meeting expectations, if he/she is not productive, or if he/she is disruptive to our partner families, volunteers, or staff in any way that prohibits us from accomplishing our daily activities or negatively impacts the accomplishments of the organization’s mission.

We hope you find your experience with Habitat worthwhile. You are welcome to return after your required hours are complete.