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Disaster Repair Program

Fort Bend Habitat for Humanity launched a Disaster Repair Program in response to the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey. This program is partly funded by United Way of Greater Houston and open to all low-income homeowners in Fort Bend County.

If you are interested in participating in this program as a volunteer or homeowner, please contact the affiliate and inquire about the program. You can also download an application here.



Hurricane Harvey made Edna’s neighborhood look more like an ocean than the place she had lived for 15 years. Harvey flooded her family’s home and cars, and destroyed just about everything they owned.

The water was so deep, Edna couldn’t walk out and was rescued by volunteers who helped her climb onto an air mattress and get out of her house. She said it was surreal floating over her own yard and the streets she’d driven down thousands of times.

After the water went down and Edna was able to return home and assess the damage, she knew she would not be able to repair her home without help. The water had touched nearly everything and she didn’t know where to begin.

Luckily, Fort Bend Habitat for Humanity and United Way were able to help Edna and her family rebuild their home and their lives. Everything from the sheetrock to the floors, the bathrooms to the garage, was gutted and rebuilt. Edna’s family had to start over with furniture, appliances, and just about everything else. It was a long, hard process, but recently, after months of uncertainty, stress, and hope, Edna and her family were finally able to go home.

“Thank you to all the volunteers for the countless hours they put in to rebuild my house and thank you United Way for helping me out when I most needed it,” Edna said. “I could not have been able to complete my house rebuild without your help!”


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